Order instructions
1- Add up the prices of the items you want to order.
2- Add the shipping cost:
--To Belgium: //$ 2
--Rest of EU: //$ 5
--Outside of EU? Mail us for a custom plan.

3- Send a mail to band@pointfifty.be and make sure you mention your order, order total in , or $, name, complete shipping address.

4- Pay the order+shipping total via paypal (to: lievendv@gmail.com) or You can pay via international or European bank transfer. European transfers are free of charge, International transfers are likely to pay a fee that is dependent on the buyers bank terms.

Bank info
IBAN: BE95893984015858
Transfer BIC: VDSPBE91
Bank name: Volksdepositokas Spaarbank (VDK Spaarbank)
Account holder: Lieven De Vleeschouwer